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Technical information on the DNS

Here are a few useful pointers.

Feel free to send any interesting pointers to

Sites providing DNS-related pointers:

FAQs, HOWTOs and manuals: Public databases and gateways: The list of DNS related Internet Drafts is available in the DNS resources directory.

Related RFCs, for an initiation to the DNS:

  • RFC1034 "Domain Names - Concepts and Facilities"
  • RFC1033 "Domain Administrators Operations Guide"
Worth reading for zone administrators:
  • RFC1912 "Common DNS Data File Configuration Errors"
  • RFC1713 "Tools for DNS debugging"
Reference documents about protocols and administrative rules:
  • RFC1591 "Domain Name System Structure and Delegation"
  • RFC1035 "Domain names - Implementation and Specification"
  • RFC1032 "Domain Administrators Guide"
  • RFC1101 "DNS Encoding of Network Names and Other Types"
All RFCs above point to Stéphane Bortzmeyer's very useful full-text search on the RFC at Pasteur.

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